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SpaceFinder Georgia aims to increase the visibility of creative workspaces across the state of Georgia. Venues can market unbooked rental space by uploading a digital calendar, while creatives can discover space based on activity, location, price, amenities, and up-to-date availability. Built by non-profit Fractured Atlas, SpaceFinder Georgia is free to list or search for space.

SpaceFinder Georgia Press Release

SpaceFinder Atlanta Expands to Serve all of Georgia Jan 22, 2016

SpaceFinder Georgia Press Images

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SpaceFinder Georgia Regional Press Highlights

Burnaway: SpaceFinder Georgia Connects Creatives With Spaces, Jan 2016

ArtsGeorgia: SpaceFinder Expands from Atlanta to Serve All of Georgia, Jan 2016

SpaceFinder National Press Highlights

A selection of stories featuring SpaceFinder program and impact in other regions outside of Georgia.

Data for Social Impact Stories:

The Arts and the Practice of Technology, APASO Keynote Address by Gwydion Suilebhan highlights SpaceFinder as exemplary technology using transparency to transform relationships between artists and venues. April 2015

New York Times: NYT Districts API helps Fractured Atlas help artists Jan 2012

Tech Product stories:

NextWeb: This Web app is an OpenTable for NYC artists in search of rehearsal space Sept 2012

BetaBoston: SpaceFinder launches in Massachusetts to help artists find unconventional space Jan 2015

Creative Placemaking stories:

NextCity: Artists Search for Affordable Workspace in Chicago Parks Nov 2015

NextCity: In Chicago, Creative Matchmaking Helps Arts Groups, Churches and Parks Thrive Jan 2015

Launch Announcement stories:

Toronto Star: SpaceFinder site – called Airbnb for Artists – comes to Toronto May 20, 2015

TO Live with Culture: A Clearing House for Cultural Space Aug 2014

BostonInno: The OpenTable for Studio space in Massachusetts is up and running Jan 2015

Backstage: Fractured Atlas Develops Site to Match Artist with Space Aug 2012

Cost of Real Estate stories (that mention SpaceFinder):

Associated Press: NYC artists find half the battle is studio rent May 2014

Village Voice: Bands can no Longer Afford to Practice in NYC Nov 2014

DIG Boston Year in Review: All About That Space Jan 2015

Boston Globe: Space is the Next Frontier for Theater Companies Dec 2014

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