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Audio Loft Studios

615 Hembree Parkway, Suite 100, Roswell, GA, 30076

A brand new studio facility that keeps the creative atmosphere in mind. We offer professional creative services and rental space - with a cool vibe at comfortable rates.

Friendly staff are here to assist, along with gobs of great gear on hand. We are ready to help you meet the needs of today's Music and Media hungry fans!
All services are available hourly, daily, weekly, with flexible terms and ample parking.

Reach out, lets get to work!

Audio Recording & Mixing, Backline Rehearsals, plus Video & Photography Space Rentals are just a few of the services we have to offer.
Our facility puts quality multi-track recording, EZ in/out band rehearsal, and HD video content production space within reach of Atlanta area Artists, Content Producers, and Indie Film Makers.

Audio Services :

• Instrument and Vocal Tracking
• Editing and Mixing
• Live Band Performenace Recording
• Voice Over Recording
• On Hold Messaging
• ADR, Post, and Dialog Services for video and film

Additional Creative Services :

• Shoot Space rentals
• HD Videography
• Actor Video Reels
• Band Promo Photos
• Event Photography
• Headshots

Audio Loft - the audio recording suite

Our newly designed audio and voice recording suite offers audio services based around Pro Tools and an array of tube & solid state analogue outboard gear, both vintage and modern.

Digital platforms are Avid ProTools
with RME and Apogee AD/DA converters,
and Avid/Euphonix control surfaces.
Dynaudio and KRK monitor choices for critical listening and playback. Our rooms have been customized with proper room acoustical treatments to help achieve balanced mixes.
Also featured is a rare Saje 40 channel console (SSL clone) used for analogue mix-downs & summing outside the box.

Live Room - Backline Rehearsals - Shoot Space - the video, photography rental space plus backline rehearsal room.

Alongside Audio Loft, we offer a premium climate controlled 1000 sq ft flexible use space with 21' ceiling - dedicated to video, photography rental space, plus backline rehearsals and performance area - complete with PA system and backline gear.

Ideal for hosting video and photo shoots, auditions, live performance shoots, rehearsals, casting calls, private parties & events, even temporary storage for local productions!

• Video and Photography Shoot Space rental
• Backline Rehearsal space rental
• Full PA, drum kit, guitar & bass amps on hand

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